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Filmmaker Biography Mick Cusimano

Mick Cusimano's cartoons have appeared in over 100 magazines in Boston, Slovenia, and Russia.
Some movies from his Rooster Tails series have been screened in over 70 film festivals worldwide.

Rooster Tails Animated movies about history 2-9 minutes
Valley of the Kings about King Tut & Ancient Egypt
Dreams of Leonardo da Vinciís Leoís inventions come alive
Love at First Sight Valentineís day through history
Clowns on the Left the History of Clowns from jesters to Chaplin
City of Dark Shadows 40s Film Noir movie
Halloween is for the Birds
Human park In this movie dinosaurs go to the zoo to observe Humans
Beatniks a short 50s comedy picked for 5 film festivals

Live Acton movies

Mermaids of Atlantis Mermaids are washed up on shore by global warming. One guy takes one home as she is pursued by the Border patrol as an illegal alien

Monkey Do Monkey Donít A lab assistant accidentally turns into a gorilla

The Search for Cleopatra's Crown When Napoleon traveled to Egypt in 1799 his archaeologist Pierre-FranÁois Bouchard discovered the Rosetta stone and the golden crown of Cleopatra. It ends up sold to a Boston sea merchant. 200 years later the gold crown is spotted in Boston (valued at $20-30 million) and the streets are alive with people scouring the city on a huge treasure hunt searching for Cleopatra's Crown

Movies from the Rooster Tails series have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Boston International Film Festival, Cyprus International Film Festival, Spike and Mikes's Animation, Golden Lion Film Festival (Swaziland Africa) Harvardshorts Film Festival, The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, Experimentally Ill Film Festival, Corinth Greece International Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, Boston Comedy Film Festival, Show Your Shorts Boston, Levante Film Festival Italy, Carny Knowledge Stage Production, The New Surrealists Art Show-Paris, Boston Neighborhood Network News, Somerville Cable, The Lowell One Minute Film Festival, Out of the Blue Art Gallery, The End of the Summer Film Festival, Giggleshorts Comedy Film Festival in Toronto

All Asia Cafe, Cambridge Cable TV, Newton Cable, Cookieshorts Film Festival-Portland, ME, Tufts University Television, Baker Street Film Night, Laughlin Festival, BrainWash Film Festival Oakland, Salem MA Cable, the Woodstock Museum Film Festival, Somerville Theater, Production Live Film Battle Royal, Coolidge Corner Theater, Boston Film Night, Ruff Cutz Film Festival, Rassegna Italy Archaeological Film Festival, Boston Filmmakers Expo @ Northeatern University, and the Zeitgeist Art Gallery.

The Rooster Tails series is also available for television and movie programming on video and DVD.