New York Times

Greek Team Doubts Site Holds Alexander's Tomb
BYLINE: By CHRIS HEDGES. The New York Times Feb. 6, 1995

A high-level archeological team from the Greek Government. Investigating claims that the tomb of Alexander the Great had been discovered in Egypt's western desert visited the site today and said that they saw no evidence that the tomb had been found.

But Liana Souvaltzi, the archeologist who announced last week that she had found the tomb outside the oasis of Siwa, said on Saturday: "I have no reservations. This is Alexander's tomb. There is no doubt." She said that the tomb was built in Macedonian style and that three tablets uncovered at the site provided the archeological proof. "One of the tablets", she said, "was written by Alexander's lieutenant, Ptolemy 1. and affirmed a legend that Alexander had been poisoned. Another." she said, "was left by the Roman emperor Trajan. who she said had paid his respects at the site.

But the Greek team, headed by the General Secretary of the Ministrv of Culture. George Thomas. said it was unclear if the structure she was excavating was even a tomb He and members of the team said that the style of the complex was not as Mrs. Souvaltzi said. Macedonian. And they said that the fragments of tablets they were shown did not support any of the translations as proof of her discovery.

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