Archaeology © 2002 by Mick Cusimano

Pyramids of condos line the desert of the town

Ruins of a culture spawned by electric sound

The expedition works its way to Harvard Square

Anachronistic figure in jeans over there

Stuck in the 60's like a car in the snow

Reliving old memories only he can know

His radio plays Hendrix wasn't it great back then?

Peace marches, deadheads and psycedelic zen

Now its computer games and the high tech blizzard

How can it compare to Jim Morrison's lizard?

The Magical Mystery tour has suddenly come to an end

Time can stand still only if you pretend

Is that the Maharishi or Tim Leary on the street?

He's moving closer

No it's the policeman on his beat

"Move along hipster Woodstock's now a pasture. Get that software over to the office one step faster!"