1997 Mick Cusimano

This poem was written after surviving Hurricane Alicia in Texas 1982.

Hold on to the tree, wind is roaring by

Swirling clouds of wrath blackening the sky

Waves toss rowboats onto the deck of yachts

Mobile homes hurled onto mansion's landscaped lots

Fords and Chevys washed down rivers with Mercedes

Seaweed & shellfish stain the gowns of ladies

Chairs & thrones float down the street

Chandeliers lodged in fields of wheat

Beggars & oil barons cower under tables

Reciting prayers & childhood fables

prairie is a parking lot for scattered debris

Winds die down slowly, sharks return to sea

Cowboys remount horses, farmers till the soil

Winos back in gutters, tycoons drill for oil

The alarm is over, sun returns again

Twas just a sudden breeze in the history of men.