The New Millennium What did it mean?

© 2001 Mick Cusimano

Much ado has been about the new Millennium, the apocalyptic visions, and the promise of change. What does it all mean? I was thinking about that late one night while watching the History Channel. There was movie footage of the end of World War II in Dresden. It showed American soldiers carrying paintings and altarpieces out of bunkers where they were stored during the war. All around them where the ruins of Dresden bombed into blocks and blocks of ruble. That is when the thought hit me. Looking back at history and the 20th Century in particular the contrasting images of artwork and war was the perfect metaphor for history.

History has always been a record of people of great passion, drive, and accomplishment. But what do they accomplish? They are either destroyers or creators. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Milosovich were destroyers. Picasso, Dali, The Beatles, Stephen Spielberg were creators. As artists, poets, filmmakers, or Musicians it is for us to create works of art that counter balance the destroyers in the world. To be a destroyer or a creator in this new Millennium that is the decision that active people must make. Who wins out makes the difference in the future of our world.