Sea salt ©2002 Mick Cusimano

I need to travel back to Rome and touch the stones of the Colosseum, the arch of Constantine, the broken columns of the Forum. I need to travel to Egypt to touch the Sphinx & feel the granite walls of the temple of Karnak.

I need to hear Beethoven's music pouring through every street in the city . I need Beethoven in the laundromat, Beethoven on the subway. I need Beethoven playing at the electronic store where I'm shopping for a CD player so I can play Beethoven.

I need to see the contrast of light & shade in a Rembrandt painting. I need to be dazzled by the swirling masses of red and gold in a historical painting by Rubens.

I need to smell lilacs in the spring and road salt in the winter.

I need to smell and taste newly cooked popcorn at the movie theater where I hear and see some drama on a flickering screen. As I reach over for the popcorn my hand finds your necklace. I smell your perfume and hear you whispering.