A Letter to Store 24

1996 Mick Cusimano

Customer Service Manager Store 24

About a week ago I walked into the Store 24 on Prospect Street in Cambridge to buy a cup of hot chocolate and a loaf of bread. A woman was there buying lottery tickets. She kept on buying lottery tickets for several minutes, while customers lined up to buy food. Then, completely inconsiderate of the other people in line, she pulled out coupons to buy MORE tickets. The other customers, including myself became impatient. When the lady reached into her purse for more coupons that was too much. I said to the cashier, "Excuse me sir, do you think I could buy some groceries?" He told me I had to wait. I poured out the hot chocolate, put down the loaf of bread, and stormed out of the store. Several other customers followed me in disgust. You could have steamed a dozen of your $.99 hot dogs on the ire of your customers. Just what is Store 24? Are you a grocery store or a casino?

Infuriatingly yours,Mick Cusimano

Your Professor of Surrealism