©2002 Mick Cusimano

Don't spill eggs onto the roof. We can stroll down a boulevard looking for strange adventures. A rocking horse meets a charming mystical rooster and the rest is a storybook tale. A tale to read on a carousel of clowns, a storybook tale to be read to the person sitting next to you on the Red Line accompanied by a horn section.

A bride descends a staircase at the armory and a bull sparkles in blue. Hairy medieval trolls and royal ladies crawl out of your closet in the middle of the night. Breakfast escapes you in the dwindling light.

Marcel Duchamp puts down his brush and picks up a pawn. He jumps your king. The queen is white. The rook has designs on taking your knight.

The fox hunting lady pours you champagne. She entices the waiter to scramble her brain. Stockbrokers straighten their ties but her stockings are a fright. She's got a proposal that city hall will fight. She can't escape her rocking horse dreams where leopards and lobsters step on the sky.

Nadja sits in a Paris café with a simmering smile while a burning giraffe smokes a cigar. The egg on the plateau is dripping down the stream of red pebbles as a nomad cooks a goose on an open fire.

Ladies, skeletons, & trains move down the track where a pipe smoking heron is turning to black. The fourth nurse sits on a curb where the rhythm section is gathering nerve.

Andre Breton posts his surrealist manifesto on a café door. It is a lonely desert for a man or a mouse atop a red castle. Leonora Carrington's rocking horse can be seen through a gaping hole in the ethereal angel's wings. Brokenhearted songbirds sip brandy on a spongy terrace. The cat has a whisker, a whiskey, and a buzzing little wasp.

Sitting on a sack of potatoes twirling his mustache Salvador Dali paints a portrait of his Catalan wife. A fish on the shore plays liquid piano for a chorus of attentive starfish. A woman in a silk gown jousts with St. George on the beach. A trumpet player rides an elephant with spider legs in an ancient Roman arena.

A loaf of bread in a Rennaisance courtyard looks into the eye of Max Ernst' Bird Superior. A snail crosses paths with a rhinoceros.

When Salvador Dali met Walt Disney they collaborated on a movie called Mystery. Dali did drawings of two distorted heads sitting on tortoise shells but the movie was never made.

A secret agent dances underneath the peasant landscape. Shining and waxing a unicorn takes more effort than laying an egg in the Caspian Sea.