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Beatniks screened at the Laughlin Film Festival and at the Coney Island Film Festival

This New animated movie by Mick Cusimano

selected for Fort point Channel and 9 international film festivals. Recently it was picked for the Coney Island Film Festival and in Italy, Arkansas, and Bangalore India

The Beatniks appeared on the American scene in 1959 when a book The Holy Barbarians by anthropologist Lawrence Lipton chronicled the beatniks/dropouts of Venice California. The book became a best seller in part because there was a glossary in the back listing beat lingo. The mainstream media ridiculed and caricatured the Beatniks every chance they got. One memorable character was Maynard G. Krebs on the Dobie Gillis Show. When someone suggested that he get a job he would freak out and reply "Work?" B grade beach movies featured beatnik characters as comic relief. This animated movie is a caricature of that phenomenon.

Beatniks Trailer

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