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Charlie Chaplin

Kitty was a prominent poet on the scene

Casting Call


Neorealism in Films

Archaeologists have discovered a long lost Roman emperor

Here is the latest comic strip about the Boston Movie scene

Have you heard of the new movie Three Wild and Crazy Guys.!

probably not since I only I made it up.

The Invasion of the Cartoon Characters!

The was my take on the Cannes Film Festival

When visiting Cancun we made the trip to Chichen Itza the site of the pyramids and Mayan ruins

This cartoon was done for Imagine Magazine when The Fort Point Theater Channel commissioned
me to do an animation for a live recreation of a circus sideshow called Carny Knowledge
The animated movie was called The Surreal Sideshow

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    New Paris Cartoon 200 MB

    Beatles Cartoons from 1966 to 1989

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  • Beatles 1966

    Cartoons of Mick Cusimano have appeared at various art exhibitions and are published monthly in Imagine Magazine

    Allston Pubic Library Brighton Pubic Library Boston City Hall Allston Open Studios Cambridgeport Open Studios The New Surrealists Art Show Galerie Atelier Z Paris France Out of the Blue Gallery Cambridge MA Zeitgeist Gallery Cambridge MA Space 242 Gallery Boston MA Middle East Restaurant Cambridge MA Harvard University Neighbors Art Show