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The Search for Cleopatra's Crown Screening @ Venice Italy Film Week
movie by Mick Cusimano

Cleopatra Movie Trailer

The Search for Cleopatra's Crown has been chosen by the Cinephile Film Festival in Pitampura Delhi India,
The Cinedoc Film festival in Rome Italy, AM Egypt Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, & The Movie park Adventure Film Festival.
It premiered at the Boston International Film Festival

When Napoleon traveled to Egypt in 1799 his archaeologist Pierre-François Bouchard discovered the Rosetta stone, mummies and statues of Pharaohs which were later confiscated by the British. Bouchard also discovered the gold crown of Cleopatra which he hid from the British and brought with him on an expedition to the Caribbean island of Saint-Domingue. In dire straits he sold the crown to a Boston sea merchant shopping for sugar cane who showed the crown to his neighbor Paul Revere. The gold crown resurfaces in the present day. (valued at $20-30 million) and is accidentally lost. The streets are suddenly alive with everyone in Boston on a treasure hunt....searching for Cleopatra's Crown.