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Jazz In Venice 1998 Mick Cusimano

The sounds of Thelonius Monk drift through the sultry night air of Venezia.....Venice. The city of intrigues and illusions. The city that makes love to the sea. The majestic palaces and Byzantine buildings wrap themselves around the winding lagoon.
The strained notes of Louis Armstrong dressed up in the Doge's finery and elegant masquerades to reflect shimmering light on the canals during carnival.
A cool Miles Davis riff becomes the sound of gondolas as they smoothly caress the Grande Canal.
Cool Coltrane becomes a whisper, whispering Byzantine little nothings into the murky waters beneath the Bridge of Sighs. The strains of Charles Mingus are unsettling causing ripples and waves in the green lagoon. There is a storm brewing.

Suddenly a blast from Charlie Parker awakens the Lion of St. Mark, the terrible lion with wings who breathes fire from on high. The clouds are burning, the lagoon is steaming with hot jazz rhythms. Venice...Venezia the city that makes love to the sea.