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Jazz Notes Music Video

Recent scenes shot in cambridge

In 2011 we videotaped the Eric Zinman jazz trio @ Outpost 186

In 2010 we videotaped scenes from the poem Jazz Notes poem and they were combined in the movie

Jazz Notes Poem 2010 Mick Cusimano

Follow the trumpet on a tour of America. Down dirty urban streets where hopes and dreams have turned into ripple wine. The notes can be heard waking sleeping suburbia, a narcotic haze of shopping mall temples with mannequins as idols, and fast food to sacrifice to the gods of cable T.V.

Moonlight glow on a figure waking the Brooklyn bridge reflecting on a city beaming with skyscrapers, hot dog vendors, and dog-faced hoodlums hopping over fire hydrants.

Broadway & Hollywood have their own particular beat. An up tempo to bridge the valley of hope and fulfillment .Humble folk work in a bicycle shop straightening out the spokes of wheels that carry young couples through the park. the wheels of limousines where dealers make fortunes, level neighborhoods, and invent a new brand of light beer.

The orchestra is needed to serenade the Grand Canyon, where rugged individualists look for the Rocky Mountain high. Children on swings reciting nursery rhymes under smog filled skies and nuclear power plants. a young wife chases her dog on the beach. Her one and only friend while her husband is out selling Hondas.

Horn section is in place for the big wedding. Two proud families make an exchange. The social cash register is now full. Homeless people linger disturbingly outside the church. Disjiointed lives crawling out of bottles getting in the way of the rice. Wagner's opera opens for a new season. Drawing in the audience into titanic tales of Teutonic gods and goddesses. Love, passion, war, and destiny engulf the imaginations of the audience.....The audience that would like to forget the real battle of the 12 day garbage strike waiting for them outside the hall.

Millions of cars driving home from work in rush hour traffic all playing the same radio station raising a nationwide hum that sounds like the Star Spangled banner. But the hum in Los Angeles sounds more frenzied.....more like the Jimi Hendrix version.