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The Zone Poets

October 1998: The Zone Poets came town tonight and gave another performance at The Lizard Lounge. Every Sunday night poets perform there to the jazz music of the Jeff Robinson Trio. The group Robin Linn, E, Albert Turner, and Mick Cusimano came together in September and have been performing in the Boston area with their unique blend of poetry.

Origin of The Zone poets
On Labor day eve 1998 four poets Albert Turner E Robin Linn Mick Cusimano left the Lizard Lounge at 1:00 AM after reading with the trio. Looking for a place to have breakfast they ended up in a restaurant in Chinatown. Leaving the restaurant at 2:33 AM the four poets walking back to their car encountered pimps and streetwalkers who were working the streets. The four poets struck by the situation wrote poems about what they witnessed and performed them as a group the next Sunday night at the The Lizard Lounge. Jeff Robinson was so impressed that he named the group The Zone Poets and they have gone on to perform in the Boston Cambridge area.

Recently The Zone poets have performed at Squawk Coffeehouse with the newest member Diana Saenz.