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Vimeo movies for Clermont-Ferrand

The animated movie Love @ First Sight was screened at the Peloponnesian Film Festival in Corinth Greece

Monkey Do Monkey Don't
Don't Spill the Eggs has screened at the Golden Lion Film Festival
in Swaziland Africa and @ the Cyprus International Film Festival


The Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci won the award 4 best animated film
@ the Boston International Film Festival


Carny Knowledge

The Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci

Film Noir

Suspicious Minds

Cannes Film Festival


Surreal Cafe

Don't Spill the Eggs

Mermaids of Atlantis

Dawn Reger actress

Theater One

Queen Day
Theater Two

Digging The Mummy
Theater Three

Ramesses The Great @ Home
Theater Four

Modern Art
Theater Five

Augustus Caesar
Theater Two

Inconvenient Food Mart
Theater Seven

National Health Insurance
Theater Eight

The Rooster vs. Phil I. Stine
Theater Nine

Queen Day
Theater Ten

The Characters
Theater Eleven

Special Effects
Theater Twelve

Theater Fifteen

Boston Film Night
Theater Sixteen

Time Machine

Filmmaker Biography

Movies and Videos

  • Monkey Do Monkey Don't
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Cyprus Festival interview
  • Suspicious Minds
  • Clowns on the Left
  • BIFF Interview
  • Comedy Fest Mermaid Interview
  • Comedy Fest Solo Interview
  • Elephants
  • The Surreal Sideshow
  • RLS
  • Surreal Cafe
  • Mermaid Movie
  • Don't Spill the Eggs Movie
  • Obama
  • Archaeology
  • Young Urban Professionals
  • Red Sox 2004 World series
  • Spirit Enlightened
  • TTN Party Interview
  • Joe the Plumber
  • Giggleshorts Festival
  • Don't Spill the Eggs
  • Gertie MacDowell Video
  • Caesar the Colosseum Cat
  • Dawn poem
  • Mermaids
  • Brookline Cable Cafes
  • Squawk Video
  • Coffeehouse Fever
  • Poet Billy Barnum

    Here are a few Midnight Chimes videos where I make a cameo appearance.

  • Cloning Around
  • Nappin' with Hoes
  • e-mail


    Bitscreen.com Review: "Check out Rooster Tales for some simple but surprisingly enjoyable animations. Mick Cusimano uses basic Flash animations and the voices of friends to create these short videos. The site relies on clever writing, and it usually is. Kudos for effort and imagination! Check this one out, then go create some yourself, junior Spielbergs."

    Quote from Five year plan Blog

    And while were talking about avant-garde animation can we briefly address the flash animation of Mick Cusimano?

    "This guys either crazy or is working on a formal level so far above all of us - divine, possibly - that his work is simply baffling to us cinematic pretenders. Not seen here is his short Clowns on the Left, which I saw last year and is my sentimental favorite. Of comparable quality are Beethoven and Digging the Mummy, both of which are startling in their refusal to follow common conventions of animation such as dialogue synchronization, the non-linear movement of visual elements, and sanity. In a lot of ways, his films feel like the visual equivalent of word salads. The syntax is technically there, but its rendered invalid by the fallacies of incoherent semantics. Theres nothing else quite like it."