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The Surreal Soiree is available for performing contact Surreal Soiree Mick Cusimano 617-789-4107 mcusiman24@yahoo.com

The Surreal Soiree show has performed at Fort Point Channel, Arts @ the Armory, Porchfest
The Boston International Film Festival, Out of the Blue Gallery, Pete's Grill Quincy
The Cantab Lounge, & The Rat Reunion @ C-Note Pub on Nantasket Beach, The Moon Watch our film being the first rock band playing on the Moon....

Surreal Soiree 3 minute Trailer
Surreal Soiree 7 minutes
The Surreal first band on The Moon
Werewolves of London Encore
Surreal 26 minutes
Matt doing the Who

A Cacophonous Cabaret of sound and light


Our show at Fort Point Channel Midway Studios featured a unique combination....A half hour of the Surreal Soiree performance was also accompanied by a half hour of short movies. Some are listed below

The Search for Cleopatra's Crown

Halloween is for the Birds

The Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci

The Glasnost Shuffle

Clowns on the Left


Film Noir

Suspicious Minds

Love @ First Sight

Mermaids of Atlantis

Early Morning Blues

Joe the Plumber


Monkey Do Monkey Don't

The Surreal Sideshow

Jazz Notes

Music by the Gravedancers

Valley of the Kings


Surreal Soiree rock opera
with music by the Gravedancers

Valley of the Kings (Ancient Egypt)
Archaeology Stuck in the Sixties
Surrealistic Saturday Night
Clowns on the Left
Red Line Riding Hood
Werewolves of London (encore)

At the Fort Point Channel show the live show as augmented by short Movies by Mick Cusimano

The Search for Cleopatra's Crown
Beatniks animated movie
The Glasnost Shuffle a satire on Russia

Fort Point Theater Channel recently presented A Surreal Soiree